Discover the perfect replica of the fabulous magic chest of the Egyptian High Priestess AKANA. Having miraculously survived down the centuries, this chest enabled Akana to thought read what was inside.
Today, we are proud to offer you this modern, entirely electronic version of this outstanding trick. The chest, together with a pack of 52 cards, is given to a spectator, who, with the back turned, places a card into the chest . The card can even be put first into a sealed envelope. The magician, without having the slightest contact with the chest and from a distance of up to 30 metres, is capable of identifying the card, every time without a mistake.

This is the simplest and most direct application. Numerous other possibilities exist, however. The card can be placed under the chest, or hidden between the pages of a thick book (400 pages or more) with the chest placed on top !

Even better : the chest placed UNDER the table detects the identity of the card placed ON the table, even if it has been tucked into a 400-page book !

The principle used is as follows : EACH card contains an electronic chip with the name of the card recorded in its memory. A chip reader is hidden inside the chest. When the card comes into the reading zone, the name of the chip is transmitted by radio waves to a receiver, which immediately displays the name on a tiny electronic screen concealed in a box of playing cards.

By using the 4 additional electronic chips supplied with the pack, you can electronically tag any non-metallic object : counters, cigarettes, pieces of cardboard, trinkets, etc. Each chip corresponds to a letter displayed on the receiver screen : A, B, C, D.

There is nothing to prevent you from adding to your collection of marked chips, available on option. Subject to certain conditions, we can on demand inscribe the words you want directly on your extra chips !
The only limit is your own imagination.

Final details : the name of the playing cards can be displayed in SIX LANGUAGES : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. On option, in addition to extra chips, we also market a pack of electronically marked ESP cards. The possible variations are endless and the effects miraculous.

The chest is entirely hand made, with special care and attention to detail in the finish.

The whole:
The casket and its reader, the receiver, a card game containing 52 cards, which are electronically marked, 4 additional chips for your personal applications. This piece and hand made work has a two-year guarantee.

Euro 1850,-- + shipping

Pocket Akana

The Pocket Akana can be used for a host of different tricks, but there are the two main ones...
1st effect :

A deck of 52 cards is given to the audience.

The performer asks to a volunteer spectator to choose one card by enclosing it between its hands being sure that nobody can see the card , by the way without revealing it. In this situation, the spectator master all, there is no way to know which card has been chosed, this one being hermetically confined, like enjailed by the spectator.Even these hard conditions, the performer makes magical gestures near the hand of the spectator , and, after a moment of concentration, reveals the card chosen with precision. The effect can be repeated immediately and without any preparation,
2nd effect :

A family of 5 ESP cards is given to the audience with 5 envelopes. The performer asks to 5 spectators to choose a different ESP symbol and to confine it in an envelope.

The 5 envelopes are disposed on the table. The performer starts passing his hand on the table, and is able after a moment of concentration to give the symbole in each sealed envelope.

Explanation :
The Pocket Akana is THE portable version of Akana Technology. The concept used is innovating, due to its little size, the electronics can be placed very easily on the performer . The Pocket Akana is composed of an antenna (placed near the wrist ), a screen (hidden in a box of deck of card, placed on the pocket of your jacket or of your shirt ). A wire links the screen to the antenna. The use is simple : you just have to switch ON to present the effect. No preparation needed, no learning, the result is displayed directly on the screen without manipulations. It is ideal for Street Magic, totally impromptu and possible to present again and again.

The varying performances come with the imagination you have on a particular situation. The Pocket Akana works thanks to a system of cards and items marked electronically by little chips. The effect can be presented with a deck of 52 chipped cards, with chipped ESP cards, or chipped personal items. The result is immediate and totally reliable thanks to the information that is read by the antenna that is near the chipped card or item (maximum range 2 inches), is directly sent on the screen thanks to a wire avoiding any radio perturbations or loose of information.

The whole :
The antenna, the screen, the wire,
the deck of 52 chipped cards and illustrated instructions with 2 years of warranty and backhelp.

Euro 1800,-- + shipping

Psychic Clipboard

A Clipboard is given to a spectator.
The latter writes anything he wants: a number, a word, a symbol or even a complex drawing. The spectator can use any language he wants!

Thanks to a secret monitor with a LCD display the magician can immediately and in live know what the spectator MORE
is drawing! You have to see it to believe it!

The Psychic Clipboard is very flat : 7mm (0.28 Inches)

His design is really deceptive. Your audience won‘t be able to guess that the Clip board contains some electronics.
We propose you different colors. The version by default is black. But you can choose for a red clipboard, yellow one, green one, blue one or gray. The choice is yours.

There is a RESET mode to present another time and immediatly the effect, the ignition mode is really simple.
The data transmission is encoded.
The Clipboard is lighter, and especially more deceptive than the Psychic Notepad 3.
Its design is modern and looks so many other clipboards.
The pen is completely black for a very professional aspect.

The whole :

The Clipboard with its acrylic finition, the monitor, the faked black pen, a paper refill, a lead refill, illustrated instructions.Piece and handmade work has a two-year guarantee. 

Euro 1490,-- + shipping

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